Thanks for visiting our website. We strive to lift agricultural and related activities, like management of water, soil and environment, by local communities in less developed countries or areas, to a higher level.



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Water is life! That's why we help communities in Ukambani, a semi-arid area in Kenya, to build water retention dams in seasonal streams. The retained water is badly needed for drinking water, growing of crops and to set up income-generating activities. Through our local partner we help farmers to set up small horticultural businesses near the dams. We also help them to protect the vulnerable riverbanks against erosion.

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Our projects

Ukambani Water Retention and Irrigation
Inhabitants of Ukambani are building dams to set up small horticultural businesses.

Result Map NACODEV
Projects implemented by a Kenyan NGO digitized in a map.

Ikalaasa Subsurface Dams
Residents of Ikalaasa (Kenya) constructed 6 dams to retain water for agricultural activities.


November 2018:
The first dams are filling up. Read more ...

October 2018:
Four dams are ready!

August 2018:
Community busy to collect water, using donkeys, for building the dams.

July 2018:
Construction 6 dams in Ukambani started.

June 2018:
More farmers start to grow vegetables near the water retention dams.


View our Storymap about building water retention dams in seasonal streams in Ukambani.

Our objective

AgriNextLevel is a foundation for sustainable development in rural areas. Our target group consists of people in developing countries or areas, who depend on agriculture and natural resources, for their food supply, financial income and wellbeing. However, due to several reasons their efforts are limited.
Through creating more reliable opportunities, sharing of knowlegde, training in skills and introduction of improved technologies, we like to enable them to lift themselves on a higher level (next level) concerning agricultural production, income and welfare. And to enable them to live in a sustainable environment.
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We are regarded by the Dutch Tax Authority as a ANBI Organisation (charity organisation for public interests).

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