NACODEV: 20 years of building dams

End of 2000, our Kenyan partner NACODEV started the construction of the first four dams in the dry seasonal river Kinyongo. With the aim of reducing the negative consequences of the increasingly frequent droughts. Together with the communities of Ngangani, Makutano and Mathingau, they have expanded the number of dams to as many as 30 in recent years!

Now, 20 years later, Kinyongo has changed from a dry, arid riverbed, into a green-lined river where water can be found all year round. Where farmers previously only grew maize and beans and depended on the rains, now large vegetable fields and fruit trees can be found along the banks. The crops are irrigated, ensuring a good harvest. This has greatly improved the income of the farmers.

The landscaped bank protection zones are now covered with trees, shrubs and grasses. This protects agricultural land against erosion, and in many places green areas of nature have been created where herons and kingfishers find a place.

View a StoryMap from NACODEV about Kinyongo. Here the 30 dams are located and you can see how the residents around Kinyongo make use of the retained water.

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Water is life! The results achieved in Kinyongo are a good example of this. That is why we help residents of other areas to build dams in seasonal rivers as well. The water that is retained in this way is badly needed for drinking water, cultivation of crops and income. Through our partner NACODEV, we help farmers to set up horticultural businesses. But also to protect nature on the vulnerable banks.

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Our projects

Dry Riverbeds - Source of Water
Farmers near Ikombe (Kenya) like to build dams to enhance food security and income.

Ukambani Water Retention and Irrigation
Inhabitants of Kikaso, Ikalaasa and Kaani have built 9 dams and set up small horticultural businesses.

Result Map NACODEV
Projects implemented by a Kenyan NGO digitized in a map.

Ikalaasa Subsurface Dams
Residents of Ikalaasa (Kenya) constructed 6 dams to retain water for agricultural activities.


December 2020:
Rains fill the dams. Read more ...

October 2020:
First dam ready.

August / September 2020:
Construction of dams in full swing!

July 2020:
Choosing locations, technical survey and measuring of dams carried out.

June 2020:
Kiundwani Self Help Group starts preparations to build dams in Ikombe.

2020: Three new dams sponsored!
Three of the 12 new planned dams are being sponsored, one of them by Projectenfonds Atlantis and one by Stichting 75 jaar NBB.
We can also contruct two hand pump wells near the dams.

August 2019:
Harvesting in progress. Read more ...

June 2019:
Net-houses full of vegetables.


View our Storymap about building water retention dams in seasonal streams in Ukambani.


Have a look at this Video (9 min.) about the work of our local partner NACODEV at Kinyongo stream.

Project map

View this Map with locations where NACODEV has implemented water retention projects.


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Our objective

AgriNextLevel is a foundation for sustainable development in rural areas. Our target group consists of people in developing countries or areas, who depend on agriculture and natural resources, for their food supply, financial income and wellbeing. However, due to several reasons their efforts are limited.
Through creating more reliable opportunities, sharing of knowlegde, training in skills and introduction of improved technologies, we like to enable them to lift themselves on a higher level (next level) concerning agricultural production, income and welfare. And to enable them to live in a sustainable environment.
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