Food security and income farmers Kenya improved

On May 21, 2020, it will be six years since AgriNextLevel was founded.
The anniversary is also the starting signal for the work on a new project in Kenya: Dry river beds - Source of water

A number of projects have been successfully completed in the past period.
So-called subsurface dams have been built to retain water in seasonal rivers, and local farmers have been trained to use this additional available water. This allows farmers to grow crops for longer, and there is less chance of a crop failure. Other food crops are now also grown, sometimes even for export. In addition, bank protection zones have been formed and trees and grass have been planted. Agricultural lands are thus protected against erosion, and nature has a better chance again. The website contains project plans and reports, a project map, videosand a storymap. The results in these projects were made possible by the contributions of a number of Dutch sponsors.

"Dry river beds - Source of water" is partly carried out in an area where activities have already been developed. To our surprise and that of our local partner NACODEV, a number of representatives of three so-called Self Help Groups from another area came to ask for help. These communities also want to build dams in three sections in two seasonal rivers in their own environment, develop the cultivation of crops, and protect their plots against erosion. The Ivutini and Mbakoni rivers are located in Ikombe near Mbembani, an area where NACODEV and AgriNextLevel were not active before. The work is expanding!

Once the long dry season has started in June 2020, mobilization of the local communities will start and the construction of the planned dams will be prepared. The concept of the project is simple: by providing the basic conditions (water and knowledge), applicants (beneficiaries, farmers) are given opportunities to help themselves. Farmers start activities that generate more income as soon as water is available, and as income increases, the developments on these farms also take form. The farmers can not only provide for their own maintenance, but can also grow for the market. In some cases, the harvest is even exported.

A total of 12 dams will be built in 2020 and 2021: 6 dams in 2 locations in the Ivutini river, and 2 in each of the Mbakoni, Kyambuli and Kwa Kavili rivers.
Funding has now been received for two dams, and budget requests have been submitted for four more dams. Sponsors are still being sought for the other six dams and associated activities.

Do you want to help? Your donation enables the Self Help Groups to retain water. Thank you very much!

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Our projects

Dry Riverbeds - Source of Water
Farmers near Ikombe (Kenya) like to build dams to enhance food security and income.

Ukambani Water Retention and Irrigation
Inhabitants of Kikaso, Ikalaasa and Kaani have built 9 dams and set up small horticultural businesses.

Result Map NACODEV
Projects implemented by a Kenyan NGO digitized in a map.

Ikalaasa Subsurface Dams
Residents of Ikalaasa (Kenya) constructed 6 dams to retain water for agricultural activities.


June 2020:
Kiundwani Self Help Group starts preparations to build dams in Ikombe. Read more ...

April 2020:
Two of the 12 dams are being sponsored, one of them by Projectenfonds Atlantis.

December 2019:
Finally a good rainy season. Dams filled to the brim.

October 2019:
This smart farmer bought a drip irrigation system to increase his harvest.

August 2019:
Harvesting in progress. Read more ...

June 2019:
Vegetables planted in net-houses to protect them against pests and diseases.

May 2019:
Riverbank protection zones are created against soil erosion.


View our Storymap about building water retention dams in seasonal streams in Ukambani.


Have a look at this Video (9 min.) about the work of our local partner NACODEV at Kinyongo stream.

Project map

View this Map with locations where NACODEV has implemented water retention projects.


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Our objective

AgriNextLevel is a foundation for sustainable development in rural areas. Our target group consists of people in developing countries or areas, who depend on agriculture and natural resources, for their food supply, financial income and wellbeing. However, due to several reasons their efforts are limited.
Through creating more reliable opportunities, sharing of knowlegde, training in skills and introduction of improved technologies, we like to enable them to lift themselves on a higher level (next level) concerning agricultural production, income and welfare. And to enable them to live in a sustainable environment.
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