Digital Resultmap NACODEV

Project goals

To promote the mission and project results of NACODEV, a Kenyan NGO, in order to:
- enhance information supply to partnering organisations
- increase cooperation and fund raising


A digital map showing results (location, photos and information) of implemented projects, such as:
- Subsurface dams in seasonal streams and water retention bassins
- Horticulture and irrigation projects





Short description

In 2014 AgriNextLevel has been asked by a local organisation NACODEV (Ngangani Act Community Development) in Kenya, to help promoting the organisation.
One of the reasons being the fact that it becomes increasingly difficult to raise funds for implementing projects.

Importance of information provision
Sharing information is of great importance to organisations, especially through the internet. Therefore it was decided to enhance the provision of information, especially concerning achieved results by NACODEV.

Geographic Information System
For better visualisation of results, AgriNextLevel developed a digital interactive map (see below) in a geographic information systeem (GIS), which has been published on the internet.
The map depicts several projects concerning water retention through construction of weirs ('subsurface dams') in seasonal streams.
With help of aerial photos and a GPS, locations of the dams have been recorded in the field.

Location and Photos
The map shows the location of several dams and gives for example information about year of construction and sponsoring organisations. Several photos of the construction of dams can be viewed as well.
Besides, other photos show how farmers took the opportunity to set up horticultural businesses, using water retained by the dams for irrigation.

Through the map, NACODEV is able to show their capability in implementing projects concerning dry land farming. It is expected this will help to convince other organisations and donors to support and cooperate with NACODEV.


Meanwhile NACODEV has placed the map on their website.
In the near future the digital map (see below) will be extended with more results.


The map below can be viewed in a separate large frame in ArcGIS Online as well.

Detail of the digital resultmap

Marking dam locations using a GPS

Irrigation of hot pepper

Photo series (2000-2014) shown in the resultmap:
One of the 28 dams built by NACODEV in Kinyongo seasonal stream close to Ngangani village.